Arthur Munyer, SEP, TPR, LHEP

Founder, Practitioner, Instructor & Visionary at Neural Somatic Integration® Esalen® Bodywork, Sivananda® Yoga, Somatic Experiencing®

Arthur Munyer 

Forbach-Hundsbach 76596 Germany

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Tel: 0176 / 64327156 Freiburg, Deutschland
Skype tel: 831-250-6474

Skype: Shambho

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After 45 years of somatic integrative studies and practices, Arthur Munyer has developed: Neural Somatic Integration® (NSI) His work is drawn from his life experience (Resumeas a practitioner and teacher of various bodywork and trauma release disciplines. He currently teaches workshops / trainings in NSI and gives private therapy sessions in Europe, South America, the United States, and Bali.




Robert Weston
(Bobbie passed on April 25th, 2013. Our hearts and empathy go out to his family and the people Bobbie connected with.
I love you Bobbie :)
NSI Co-Founder, Practitioner & Instructor at Neural Somatic Integration®

PhD, Stanford University, Clinical Psychology course work, University of Phoenix.


Robert Weston 
mobil: +1 831 915-7538
Holmes Beach, FL 34217, USA

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”NSI introduced me to my body as the starting place for healing my mind, body and spirit. Its integration of neuroscience, Gestalt, psychotherapy, “body work,” and play has brought about profound and lasting change in me. I am grateful for what Arthur Munyer has developed out of his lifetime of healing work. And I am privileged to be part of bringing NSI® to others.”




Ragna Munyer

NSI® Organisatorin, Practitioner, Dozentin, Übersetzerin Heilpraktikerin



Ragna Munyer
Tel: 0176 / 83218504

Bielefeld und Freiburg, Deutschland

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"NSI opened up a whole new world for me. A world, that was so familiar on my inside, but that didn´t have any space in the outside world. This is, what´s the closest description of NSI for me: naturalness. Exploring and living the naturalness I own as a human being.

Since I am connected to this work, I feel my strength growing, experience myself more and more courageous to be with what I really sense in myself, rather than listening to the voices telling me to do, what others expect to be the right thing.

In my sessions with people NSI is the connecting bond between all my variations of physical, mental, unconcious and spiritual work. This method has this beautiful quality of not being a method, coming fully out of the intuitive flow. The wonderful tools for self-recognition and liberation of painful beliefs, organically become part of the everyday-life, unfolding their power to make changes towards relief, joy and love.

NSI can be everything: playful and funny, deep and sad, challenging and easy, full of energy and slow, loving and soft. Without question: NSI is alive. That´s what sessions are for me: a non-judging, safe and loving space, with an open door to aliveness, joy and compassion.”

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